Nirvana (Modern Rebirth Entertainment Circle)

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Nirvana (Modern Rebirth Entertainment Circle)Nirvana (Modern Rebirth Entertainment Circle)Nirvana (Modern Rebirth Entertainment Circle)

"Have you ever been in love?" Bai Xue asked him while drinking chocolate milk. Lin Shen coughed twice, Bai Xue laughed: "There is no one to shoot here, do you like it very much, but have to give up the person, a little bit of this feeling, can be substituted." When you can't empathize with the characters, you can dig out something you have experienced and have similar emotional experiences, and put this feeling into the characters, which is more useful than the dry performance of sadness and pain. Lin Shen is a smooth journey, first shooting TV series, and then after the movie, these years slowly grow angular, suddenly became the public's favorite handsome guy, shooting the youth drama hot, micro-blog fans skyrocketed, and then the next development is to make a good movie with box office and word of mouth. In fact, the big director in the circle really wants to shoot a play. Lin Shen wants to take the role of a supporting role in the play with Bai Xue. He hopes to reflect more and richer parts. The fragments will be cut separately and sent to the assistant director. This is Bai Xue's opportunity and Lin Shen's opportunity. He sits in the hot spring pool like a statue. Amy wishes she had two human eye cameras to take pictures of Lin Shen. After soaking in the hot spring, a group of people dressed in thick clothes went to Otaru's Snow Lantern Road to shoot new scenes, which was the same as catching up with the night play, but even the process of catching up with the play had to be filmed together. Bai Xue and other night play, very experienced, Guan Dao in order to wait for the sky, everyone can only sleep on the beach,interactive whiteboard prices, she is well prepared, Amy carrying her big bag, there is a blanket hand warmer, a second sleep on the bus, Lin Shen a person with the script kept reading, the assistant also found him the original, so that he can figure out the feelings of the characters. One was sleeping soundly with a blindfold and a blanket, the other was holding a notebook and reading the action lines of the characters one by one. Lin Shen also had several material performances, such as being nervous all the way,face recognition identification kiosk, afraid of not being able to complete the shooting task, afraid of not being able to play the classic fragments in his heart. When Lin Shenxian got off the bus, Bai Xue was still dressed as a student, wearing a thick and warm red scarf. When she got off the bus, rows of candles were lit on the way to the snow lantern, which was the favorite place for lovers. Through a piece of snow, the lights were lit up one by one. There are small snowmen piled up, snow caves hollowed out into the shape of love, and people piling up a row of Buddhas. Lin Shen looks here and there, and is captured by the camera. As long as his mood is high enough now, there will be more contrast when he starts shooting. The director is ready to continue, this is still Bai Xue's play, in the relationship between the male and female protagonists, Sakura constantly gives the party, she holds the teacher's hand to walk the snow lantern road, while the male protagonist is afraid of being seen, Interactive digital signage ,face detection android, Sakura is at this time loudly shouting his name, in the snow with a lamp to spell out a love. Bai Xue jumped up lightly and left footprints in the snow. The girl went around behind the young man and stepped into his footprints: "I will walk the way you walk, you will see the lights I light, I will go to your university, and I will take your surname." Bai Xue's smile is innocent and her eyes are clear. This confession is simple and straightforward. She wrote down her name on the snow, the surname of the hero and her name. But Lin Shen is still unable to get into the play, his flustered expression is too sudden, the director had to stop, let the translator tell him the play, said his head as long as a slight movement, will give him a close-up of the expression, to struggle to regret, afraid of others found that there can be no big action, but a subtle and vigilant observation of the surrounding environment. They have been dating in the house, where no one is the place where love blossoms, to the eyes of the public, that is, when the relationship finally ended, Sakura bought a glass lamp to burn cherry blossoms, lit candles in it and held it in front of him. Bai Xue's material had already passed. Facing the camera, her eyes were full of love, but Lin Shen was not good enough. So when she was shooting Lin Shen, she continued to play for Lin Shen, over and over again, telling Lin Shen: "When I was a newcomer, the director's opponent didn't think I was bored but the play. Everyone came through like this." The last section of Lin Shen can only be regarded as barely completed, the director to retain this material, if there is no better, use this as the final version of acting. When he went back, Lin Shen was very silent. He had always felt that his performance was OK. He could meet the director's requirements. He could push the play forward with his opponent. But he didn't expect that in the face of the real acting school, his performance would be superficial. He watched Bai Xue's play over and over again. She was thirty-two years old, playing a 16-year-old girl, shaking her hands and standing on tiptoe, hooking his neck and asking for a kiss. It's like pink bubbles all over your body. With a deep sigh, Lin took out his cell phone and brushed Weibo. He watched the trailer again, and when he reached the home page, he saw Bai Xue and the scandal side by side. There are always people pouring cold water when they are proud. The marketing number of the entertainment circle made Bai Xue's original scandal into a long micro-blog. She said that when she was young, she lost weight in order to make a film. She said that she was a prostitute. Now, the film she reviewed with Lin Shen was made by the director of Kudo for her. She relied on the director to sleep, the producer and the investor. Lin Shen stretched out his head to look at her. She was wearing a sleep mask and wrapped in a long down jacket. As soon as she got on the bus, she seemed to have been unplugged and fell asleep in an instant. Her assistant Amy, holding her cell phone, quietly looked back and saw Lin Shen and made a "shush" gesture to him. Chapter 44 The Lucifer Effect. Bai Xue is not addicted to mobile phones, smart phones have opened up a new world for her, but both Dr. Liang and Chen Jie have advised her not to look at these, not to care too much about other people's eyes, the network itself is a big quagmire. Bai Xue's psychological state is indeed stable at present, but there is no guarantee that she will be able to maintain a stable state in the next moment. Dr. Liang, who is far away in Hong Kong, is also reminding her to take medicine and drink milk. Judging from the case, her depression has begun to affect her body. It is not possible to recover overnight. It seems that people who are actively treated may sink into the abyss in the next moment. In addition,digital signage kiosk, acting is a profession that overdraws one's life. Bai Xue has been filming night scenes for 14 years. She drinks too much and is anorexic. She has neglected her health for a long time. At this time, she asked her for a debt. If she can't adjust her symptoms in time after being stimulated, she will be so nervous that she can't breathe and move like last time.