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Commit a crimeCommit a crimeCommit a crimeCommit a crimeCommit a crime

All the maids around him hung their heads, and Gu Xu pushed him hard, "Bai Li Yu Yang." "Hm?" Baili Yuyang looked up and gently touched Gu Xu's moist cheek. "What's wrong?" "I don't like you." "You like Lu Sheng?" Gu Xu did not respond. Baili Yuyang bowed his head and sighed, saying, "I thought you didn't like him." That's what everyone seems to think! Gu Xu thought, how bad was she to Lu Sheng before? Will lead to their perception. Baili Yuyang did not insist, except for the kiss, he seemed to have no other idea. After he left, Gu Xu sat dully on the soft bed. After a long time, he looked up at his court clothes on the hanger. Worried that he would return them, he hurriedly said, "Qiu Ying, I left your son's court clothes here. Go and return them to her. I'll wear them tomorrow morning." Qiu Ying nodded and left with his court clothes. It was already midnight, and all the way to the front of the Baili Yuyang room, he had just finished bathing. The water was already cold, but on the winter night, there was no heat coming out. Two servants evacuated the bath bucket, and the autumn shadow walked slowly into the room. Those who were familiar with the door and road hung the court clothes on the hangers in the room. She had previously been the maid of Baili Yuyang, but after the autumn hunt, Gu Xu entered the mansion. She was arranged to take care of Gu Xu. When she entered the room, she saw Baili Yuyang sitting on the edge of the bed and looking at her quietly. She bowed her head and said in a low voice, "Childe?" "Has she said anything to her father today?" "It's nothing special. Father and daughter haven't seen each other for many years. They just talked about the recent situation in detail." "Mmm." Baili Yuyang nodded, he leaned back on the bed rail, slanting his head to look at the cold autumn shadow,pietra gray marble, "your Kung Fu is better than the little spring, Luo Yang is even better, recently stay in Xiyuan all day to take care of Gu Xu, can you feel that you have failed?" Qiu Ying shook his head, "the maidservant works for the childe, and doesn't feel inferior." Baili Yuyang nodded and stretched out his hand. "Come forward," he said. The autumn shadow knew that there was no need to go back to the Xiyuan tonight, so he stepped forward slowly and possessed himself towards the hundred-mile Yuyang. *** Weizhou Lu Sheng led his troops southward and stationed in Weizhou. Two months ago, there was a flood in the south of the Yangtze River,Marble Granite Price, which was unfavorable to the people's livelihood, but it solved Lu Sheng's urgent need. Because of the continuous flood, Xiao Hansui did not resolutely send troops to kill Lu Sheng. After the flood, the people were displaced. Before that, Emperor Xianwen did not try to solve the problem, and the people complained. As soon as he went down to the south of the Yangtze River, he joined the people to personally manage the flood with King Jing, and won a good reputation. When the people saw that he and the two brothers of King Jing were very affectionate, they had a lot of ideas about the six-year-old prince who ascended the throne with the imperial decree in Kyoto. Although conquer the world, the people's view is not important, military strength is the most important factor, but Lu Sheng seems, the pace is step by step. Only when the foundation is solid and solid, the road will be smooth gradually. It took a lot of money and material resources to control the flood, and many people were affected by the disaster. Lu Sheng ordered Youboqu and Li Chengcheng to resettle the old, weak, sick and disabled who had lost their homes. At the same time, Agate Stone Price ,Agate Slabs Countertops, he personally recruited those displaced middle-aged men to join the army. Last year, the flood in the south of the Yangtze River was not handled well by Emperor Xianwen, and the people affected by the flood went north to seek a way out, including many young and middle-aged people, which caused public security problems in many big cities in the north. Now the north and the south do not contact each other, the prince party recruits soldiers, monthly pay can be received, these young adults naturally have enthusiastically joined the army. Two months later, the flood was eliminated, and Lu Sheng's army was also growing, but before that, the flood control had consumed most of the financial resources, and at this time the army was spending a lot of money every day. At this time, Xiao Hansui took the initiative to send troops to the south, but it was in line with Lu Sheng's mind. This day and night Zhao Huanru looked for his elder brother Zhao Congan. Seeing that he was concentrating on wiping the sword in his hand, he went up and asked, "When will the elder brother set out?" "Three days later." Zhao Huanru sighed, "now this weather, how can this battle be fought?"? Is the prince going too? Zhao Congan took back his sword. "The elder brother and the prince are both people who have been in the frontier fortress. The weather is nothing.". Prince will certainly go, he is, even if not on the battlefield, to stabilize the morale of the troops is also beneficial. ” Zhao Huanru chuckled and frowned slightly. "Fleeing from Kyoto to Weizhou, the prince should be very depressed." "Depressed?" Zhao Congan looked at his sister, "Huan Ru, are you worried about the prince?" Remembering the arrow that Zhao Huanru had blocked for Lu Sheng that day, he deplored it and could not help being angry. "Huanru," he said in a low voice, "in the present tense, you'd better put away your little daughter's mentality." Zhao Huanru slightly surprised, she these days in addition to the injury, not as in the past as the pestering elder brother asked Lu Sheng's situation, he today, how the sudden fire? "Today is different from the past. The prince no longer needs to depend on the Zhao and Meng families." Remembering the folly of proposing a marriage between the East Palace and the Zhao Mansion in Kyoto, Zhao Congan felt that he had really caught Zhao Huanru's way and had become foolish and short-sighted. Fortunately, he repented in time and submitted to Lu Sheng before the autumn hunt. Do you know where the most serious casualties were in the autumn hunting battle? Zhao Congan sat down with Zhao Huanru and said, "Don't see that the prince has fled from Kyoto and is living in this small Weizhou.". In the battle of autumn hunting, although he could not compare with Xiao Hansui, he was also a profiteer. Zhao Huanru was puzzled, only to hear Zhao Congan continue: "In the battle of autumn hunting, the Meng family suffered the heaviest casualties in the war, followed by the army led by Han Shen under Emperor Xianwen, and then my Zhao family.". On that day, if Youboqu and King Jing had not arrived in time with the troops of the East Palace, the Zhao family would have ended up with the Meng family. "Prince this person, Ayutthaya quite deep, Huan Ru.." Zhao Congan sighed, "don't be stubborn, the prince is not a good man!" Calculating, cold-blooded and cruel, how can this person treat Huan Ru well? Perhaps the prince will only have some friendship for the maid who grew up with him. When Zhao Huanru heard this, she did not refute it. She just nodded and said, "Elder brother, I know." Her tone was soft and weak, and she did not know whether she really listened or not. Zhao Congan sighed and suddenly recalled that these days,grey marble slab, the prince's attitude towards Zhao Huanru had eased a lot. At the beginning of her coma, he had visited her many times, thinking that he was somewhat moved by Huanru's blocking the arrow for him.