Tianxin is angry

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Tianxin is angryTianxin is angryTianxin is angryTianxin is angryTianxin is angryTianxin is angry

"Thank you very much!" Meridian emperor cold track, then exasperated, "thousand Yan demon king, you bastard!" It turned out that a trace of divine consciousness in the heart of heaven had activated the hundred thousand super-powerful chaotic thunder sown by the nine women before, and the hundred thousand super-powerful chaotic thunder exploded one after another, no less than the meridian Xuan Sky, which was quietly hit by the purple iron Kaitian Sword of the greatest illusion. No, it was more powerful. The sword chop was just a split of a Grand Canyon, and it was easier to bridge the space of Xuan Tian. When the super-powerful chaos thunder explodes, each 10 billion light-years of percussion not only explodes the space shell into a big hole, but also destroys the structure of the space shell to the maximum extent, and also leaves impurities that affect the closure of the space shell. In short, just clean up these impurities, the Meridian Emperor has to be busy! Since then, the heart of heaven has not conquered the upper world of chaos for 1900 years. There are too many things to sum up, especially the force field confrontation, which leaves a lot of room for thinking. One hundred thousand pieces of super power chaos thunder are not left as a surprise soldier. When they are sent out as gifts, they do not want to harass the magic space. Earth too nine polar interplanetary calendar 20000 the whole, the heart of heaven and nine female retreat out. At that time,White Marble Slabs, great changes took place in Hun yuan Ling Tian. The emperor returns to the Nine Heavens, perhaps as the Meridian Emperor said, this day can not return, once returned, it will lead to immeasurable plunder. For more than a thousand interstellar years, except for the unreal space, which has not changed in the application of Tianxin's continuous exploration of Qingxu Force Field,white marble slabs, various catastrophes have taken place in Huanyuan Lingtian. The black and white world of Yin and Yang on the land of Liyu was further swallowed up by Hunyuan Lingtian, and the chaotic upper world, which belongs to a part of Hunyuan Lingtian, continued to advance to the depths of chaos, so that the Kaitian Hunyuan Immortals had to step up the protection of their own Kaitian space, fearing that their own Kaitian space could not bear the increasingly tyrannical chaotic upper world, or that one was inadvertently involved in the depths of chaos. Hun yuan Ling Tian Li Yu continent is collapsed in many places, that vibration, that is, the central land belt of the magic space is also clearly sensed, the land belt giant is very panic. Only twice the three thousand ascendants of the Great Land were much calmer, and some of those who ascended early even took risks. Just give up conquering the upper world of chaos first. After receiving an adventure report, Tianxin temporarily stopped the idea of finding the Meridian Emperor to compete again. This adventure report is a stratigraphic report, Stone Honeycomb Panel ,Grey Marble Slab, which lists nearly 1,800 interstellar years of stratigraphic data of the mixed yuan Lingtian Liyu continent, which is not far from the magic space. The change curve of these data shows that the strata of the Liyu continent are rapidly cavitating. This makes Tianxin have to worry about whether some unpredictable changes are taking place in the world of Xingyuan and the world of Wujie. Episode 11 Deep Space Bloodshed Chapter 640 Biluo Fantasy Realm (Part 1) Novel Bus Updated: July 7, 2010 16:15:51 Words in this chapter: 5751 The meta-world and the borderless world have indeed changed greatly. The heart of heaven and the nine daughters visited the land of Liyu for ten thousand interstellar years, and practiced in seclusion for more than three thousand interstellar years in the abyss of ten thousand breaths of the boundless plane. More than thirteen thousand interstellar years, converted into boundless time or planetary time, are equivalent to 150000000 boundless years or planetary years. Such a long time is enough for any world to undergo great changes. The heart of heaven has asked the nine women to govern the space of spiritual illusions. There are three thousand people flying up from the two instrument subcontinents, and there are two hundred thousand giants belonging to the central continental belt in the space today. The number of people is not large, but it should be enough to lay a miniature three-system environment. Three thousand ascendants, needless to say, know how to do it. Two hundred thousand giants, of which thirty thousand have entered the Gankun Pagoda and have been trained. Driven by them, the central continental belt will inevitably set off a storm of group power. The land of Hun yuan Ling Tian Li Yu is much better than the world of Yin and Yang, which is either black or white. Compared with Hun yuan Ling Tian, the unreal space can be regarded as a fairyland. Even so, there is still a lack of cultivation resources in the spiritual space, and the cultivation of giants and ascendants is slow. Unreal space is like this, you can imagine how bad the environment of Hun yuan Ling Tian is. For a long time, the central land belt of the magic space mastered by Tianxin and Jiunu basically exists in the mode of Zongmen. Giants or soaring people spend most of their time in practice, and so do Tianxin and Jiunu. This is a matter of no way, although giants and ascendants have great magical powers, but in the chaotic plane, they are similar to the primitive people of the planet, primitive people are fine, after all, there can be people on the planet, the biological chain is rich, hunting can fill the stomach. The giant and the ascendant are miserable. There is nothing in the chaos plane, and everything has to be recombined. Even if Tianxin and Jiunu want to get materials, they have to play the big collision of cathode and anode. Only by knocking out the third object can the demand for materials be guaranteed. Giants and ascendants obviously do not have this ability, so they can only rely on practice, as a tool, to seize the survival of heaven and earth from the outside world. This is also the reason why as soon as the magic space appears, the mixed immortals attach importance to it. The primordial breath of heaven and earth in the chaotic plane is too scattered and too small, and it is not easy to absorb it. Unreal space is formed by the impact of the heart of heaven on the extremely negative and positive substances, and the penetration of the spiritual forces of the Dayan World Group. A large number of third objects and spiritual breath make some substances that coagulate the primordial breath of heaven and earth appear in the unreal space, although it is still very difficult to use them. But it is much better than the primordial interest of heaven and earth, which is directly used as a tool to gather and absorb the subtle things. As a result, the giants could not give up the magic space, and several giants who had the experience of Kaitian space even thought that the magic space was better than Kaitian space. It's not an illusion! The ecstatic faces of the giants are proof of that since the appearance of the thousand-light-year-square-circle abyss in the central land belt of the magic space. But the heart of heaven does understand that if we do not let the giants and the rising ones who are constantly coming blossom with wisdom and use their power to build a spiritual space, the spiritual space is absolutely an illusion. It's time to build a new structure in the fantasy space that can maximize the abilities of the giants and ascendants. In fact, the dynamic organizational system of the central land belt of the spiritual space is very small, and it is basically operated by the nine women,White Marble Mosaic, while the heart of heaven is turned into semi-seclusion, and the dominant idea of the practice of the Inner Energy Sutra is also changed from conquering the upper world of chaos to monitoring the changes in the universe, the boundless world and the astral world. forustone.com