Conjuring Priest of Online Games

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Conjuring Priest of Online GamesConjuring Priest of Online GamesConjuring Priest of Online GamesConjuring Priest of Online Games

The only thing to consider is the first time to send people to transport goods need a large amount of start-up funds, but in Wang Yu's view this is not very difficult to solve, find a friendly guild temporary loan, investment and so on are all solutions, and even Wang Yu can discuss with Long Yuxin, the decision-maker of the Dragon King Secret Land, to pay half of the deposit first, and then pay the mantissa when the equipment is sold for the second time. This is the difference between a large business and a small business. A small business is just a retailer, a personal act, and there is no discount to speak of. A large business is like a wholesaler and a secondary supplier. If you master the sales channels, you will naturally be able to negotiate terms. At present, the biggest difficulty is how to persuade Luo Lixin to accept his proposal. Although it is not easy to achieve the goal completely, Wang Yu believes that with his wisdom and persuasion, there will be at least half a chance. So he said his idea immediately pay attention to observe the expression of Luo Lixin, want to get some tips from it, so that at any time can fill in the key words, so that Luo Lixin's opinion finally turned to himself. After listening to Wang Yu's words, Luo Lixin's big black and white eyes flashed, her black pupils turned thoughtfully in her eyes like free tadpoles, the pacifier in her mouth bit the "chirp" sound,Artificial Marble Slabs, a small hand held her round chin, and the fingers of a small hand tapped gently on the table. Small ring in the side saw not anxious, familiar with Luo Lixin character, she saw from Luo Lixin's movements that she was seriously thinking, that is to say, his master, the small master in the secret land of the Dragon King was really coaxed by this senior honorary resident called the martial arts master. My God,Agate Slabs For Sale, what kind of idea is that? To open the secret passage leading to all races in the secret land of the Dragon King, isn't it tantamount to exposing the secret land of the Dragon King unprotected in the eyes of all races in the world? In that case, won't the secret land of the Dragon King become a mess in the future? Absolutely not! Out of the secret land of the Dragon King and the maintenance of Luo Lixin, Xiaohuan had already forgotten the previous "forbidden password", just at this time Wang Yu took half a step forward, ready to take a new set of words to impress Luo Lixin. At that moment, Xiao Huan lost his temper and stretched out his thin arm to push Wang Yu on his chest: "Go back, you humble Xiaomin, how dare you use such perverse words to deceive Xiao Jingzhu!" Wang Yu could not help but laugh and cry, looking at the small ring like a hen protecting its young, speechless for a moment, at this time, "small ring!" Luo Lixin spits out the pacifier that is biting vigorously in the mouth, jumps on the table all of a sudden, Silver Travertine Slabs ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, stretches out the forehead of the small ring in the index finger: "Punish you not to eat tonight!" "Ha!" Small ring a pair of crescent moon eyes stare big, both hands cover their own small mouth, the expression is both stunned and unspeakably lovely. After a while, she came to her senses and answered dejectedly, "Yes." Wang Yu's heart moved slightly, looking at this little girl, it seems that she is not disgusted with herself, ah, perhaps as long as a little more effort can get her consent. "Hey, martial arts master, right?" The lovely little girl didn't mean to sit back on the chair. She sat on the desk very simply, shrugged her charming little nose, tilted her head and stared at Wang Yu. A pair of pure black crystal-like eyes flashed through the taste of thinking: "If I promise your request to open the passage between the Dragon King's Secret Land and the outside world, so.." What's in it for me? Wang Yu was shocked, "I think this will be a win-win situation, and we can all get endless wealth from this trade channel." "That's it?" Luo Lixin snorted, apparently disapproving of the proposal. She pursed her red lips and put her index finger into her mouth and sucked a few mouthfuls. "If it's just to make money, will we be short of money in the Secret Land of the Dragon King?"? Compared to our safety. Hearing Luo Lixin's lovely appearance but sharp language, Xiaohuan suddenly raised her head and looked surprised. Wang Yu is a cool in the heart, did not expect this wench. It hit the nail on the head! Yes, with the resources of the Dragon King's Secret Land and the status and honor of the Lord of the Land, we should care more about the safety of the Dragon King's Secret Land than making money, right? Opening access to the outside world means risk, and the winning plan that you think is perfect is a risky act for the owner. She doesn't care about making money. Hell, is that what a little girl can say? Wang Yu looked carefully at the little girl sitting in front of him, with her snow-white and glittering skin like suet jade, a pair of big and bright eyes on the round doll's face, a small Qiong nose, and red lips like the finishing touch. The whole thing was like a doll in a New Year picture carved out of powder and jade! Such a little girl can have such a mind and strength. He shook his head helplessly: "I'm sorry, maybe I thought too simply before." As he spoke, he nodded to Luo Lixin and Xiao Huan. "If there's nothing to do, I'll leave first." 408 Assassin's Mace "Wait!" Luo Lixin got up from the table and stuffed the pacifier she had just picked up back into her mouth. She bit it vigorously. She put her hands on the table and shook her little buttocks back and forth on the table, like a hard-working bee, but her mouth was ambiguous: "Well.." Can you.. Tell me about the outside world? Wang Yu had some doubts, but when he saw her looking forward to it, he had nothing important to do, so he temporarily gave up the idea of leaving. When Luo Lixin rejected Wang Yu's proposal, she felt like an excellent manager, a wise and clever child prodigy, but now she turned back into a confused little girl. This makes Wang Yu feel a little surprised, he said to Luo Lixin things are naturally related to the brand world, from the guild war to personal training, from friends team to complete the task to the eight races, from the brand of summoning soldiers to all kinds of Warcraft card war. Luo Lixin is like a piece of hungry sponge, Wang Yu said all the dribs and drabs firmly in mind,Carrara Marble Slab, while listening, while constantly biting his pacifier, big eyes from time to time flashing with excitement.