Holy Sword Flying Frost-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise

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Holy Sword Flying Frost-Sima Ling _ txt Novel ParadiseHoly Sword Flying Frost-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise

Still bowing, the big man in silver replied in a respectful voice, "a man passed by just now. The little one checked the password and let him go." "Have you ever seen who it is?" Asked the woman in silver. "The little one didn't pay much attention because he saw that the signal he gave was good and that it was at the designated distance," said the big man in silver clothes. "He seemed to remember that he was a man of medium height. He seemed to be wearing a long gown, but it wasn't the color that was commonly used." "How long has he been there?" Asked the silver woman? Which way did you go? "The big fellow pointed in the direction of Huangfuwei and said," He came this way. "The next time someone passes by," said the silver-clad beauty, "even if the password is good, you have to ask out your name. Do you know?" She ignored the big man's salute. He turned around and swept quickly, and in a twinkling of an eye he had gone far away. Huang Fuwei listened to all the conversations and wondered if Lao Li had revealed his hiding. Otherwise, how could this beautiful woman in silver know that someone had passed by? As he speculated, he stepped lightly and nailed the back of the silver-clad beauty in the distance. After two hours in the factory, the silver-clad woman suddenly stopped and clapped her hands. Huangfuwei thought, "So there's still a pass ahead. If I wait for her to pass, I'm bound to be seen through by the people guarding the card.." As soon as the idea changes, does not neglect, with the dim night and the vegetation shadow cover. It quickly deviated to the left side and dived back to the near side. In a twinkling of an eye,Porcelain Marble Slabs, he had sneaked to the place where the silver was behind the beauty. He would rather risk passing behind the silver-clad beauty, so that although he might be seen by the opposite card or heard by the woman, it was much less dangerous than passing behind the card and trying to avoid the eyes of the silver-clad beauty. As soon as she called out to the man of the dark card to appear, Huangfuwei took the opportunity to move forward quickly. What he used was the kungfu of transposition. When he acted, there was no wind at all. By this time, he had moved to a dark shadow of a tree in front of the beautiful woman in silver. The beautiful woman in silver seemed to feel a little. Looking back, Huangfuwei stopped breathing. Close your eyes and don't move. The two bright eyes of the silver-clad beauty shot around for a while,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, but they did not find it, and then they took it back and fell on the big fellow who was guarding the card. "Did anyone pass by just now?" She asked. "The little one didn't see it," said the big fellow, bowing with unusual respect. The silver beauty gave a cry of surprise and waved, "Go back and open your eyes!" " The big fellow jumped back a few steps, Huan ran hidden in the ground. Only then did Huangfuwei suddenly realize that the secret card in this garden was completely placed underground. No wonder there was no way to find out. The silver-clad beauty rushed to the loop like an arrow from the bowstring. How clever Huangfuwei was. He knew at a glance that the silver-clad beauty was going to search within four or five Zhangs of the ground between the two cards. If he found out that there was no sign of the enemy, he might turn to this side to search. At that moment, his mind turned and he decided to take a risk and try, because the direction of the silver-coated beauty would soon move to this side. It's better to take a risk than to be found out by her here. At that moment, the shadow moved forward quickly, and in a moment it had gone out about twenty feet. It was estimated that the eyes of the dark card could not see so far, so he got up and ran quickly to the front. Just ran out of seven or eight steps, Marble Projects ,Calacatta Nano Glass, hit a row of dense trees to rush out, only to see a broad river across the eyes. The river is thirty feet wide, the water is gentle, and no sound of flow can be heard. On the other side of the river, a few feet away from the shore, there was a dark house. At this moment, Huangfuwei only had to cross the river safely and rush into the house, and he was sure that he would not be found by the other party for a period of time. He looked along the river on both sides with his night eyes and saw that a few feet away, there was a stone bridge stretching into the river, but it was only interrupted at the center of the river, and there was another wooden bridge on the other side, which was now pulled up. Although he knew that the wooden bridge on the other side must be guarded day and night, he still walked to the stone bridge on the right. Not only will there be a special person on the other side of the suspension bridge to guard it day and night, but at this end of the stone bridge, it is bound to be more densely hidden and strictly defended. As soon as Huangfuwei thought of this, he stopped and used all his wisdom to think about how to cross the river. The beauty in silver was so fast that she found out in a twinkling of an eye that there was no trace of people between the two cards, and then came to Huzhuang River. Within this section of the ground, any shadow that could hide a person was searched by her, and then raised out of the river bank. Both ends of the river bank are very flat, so it can be seen at a glance. She used her eyesight to look on both sides, but she didn't find any traces of people. She galloped to the stone bridge on the right, where there was a checkpoint and two more checkpoints behind the trees on the shore. As soon as she ordered strict defense, she immediately turned back to another stone bridge. There was nothing unusual about these three checkpoints, and she also gave orders. Jump into the garden again and search it carefully. At this time, Huangfu Weiganqing, relying on his pure internal strength, had hidden under the surface of the river and dived in the past. He knew that he would be covered with water stains later, and it was extremely difficult for him to hide it from the other party. But at present, there is no other way to give up this way. He had dived to the other side in one breath, and was glad that there was no obstacle like a net at the bottom of the river. When he dived across the river, he felt that the current of the river was very slow, so when he reached the other side, he was very careful to float up so as not to make a sound. This side of the river bank is a sand dike. The sand is very soft. If someone comes from the other side, no matter how high his flying skill is, once he jumps over the river surface of Sanzhangdang, the True Qi is bound to become turbid. He urgently needs to stop and borrow strength to change his summer Qi. When he falls on this dike, the momentum and weight of his body are very huge. This sand dike must collapse and fall into the water. At that time, it not only made a lot of noise, but also soaked all over, leaving water stains everywhere during the action. Huang Fuwei smiled in the dark and came out of the water close to the sand dike. There was no sound in his ears except a slight sound of footsteps coming from several feet away. At that moment,white marble mosaic, he took a breath of True Qi and quietly pulled it out of the water and landed on Shati. At this moment, his body was still as light as nothing because of that breath of True Qi, so he crouched on the sand bank and was still all right. forustone.com