I am the ultimate boss of online games

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I am the ultimate boss of online gamesI am the ultimate boss of online gamesI am the ultimate boss of online games

"I know I'm handsome." Lingmu reached out to push her away, the atmosphere is a little strange, dance Qingcheng cold face, dance autumn leaves are clenched teeth look like want to jump up to bite him, dance red moon a face of helplessness, dance spring breeze is still shy to look at him, dance summer rain is in the side of the funny play. Money is fine! Show us who that woman is first! Wu Qingcheng gritted his teeth. What woman? Ling Mu was at a loss. What kind of medicine did you take? Heh! Do you dare to do it or not? The dancing autumn leaves also spoke. I don't know what you're talking about. Ling Mu scratched his head. What a loser! Or is it a man? Bah! "I wipe!" Ling Mu's face was black, "come and try to know if it's a man!" "Smelly rascal!" "Shame on you!" "I said, did you take the wrong medicine today?" Ling Mu is really depressed, "give me the money quickly and I'll drive away!"! A group of players blocked me outside! "Are you afraid?"? Where was the courage to face the players in the city yesterday? Or can't we all put together compare with that woman? Wu Qingcheng looked disdainful. Will I be afraid? Ling Mu suddenly a black, turned to push open the door of the compartment and went out of the warehouse. Ah! Brother Ling Feng. "Look!"! Yushu Lingfeng came out! Outside the warehouse, there are already a large group of players surrounded outside, knowing that the private room can not be used to transmit Yushu Lingfeng will certainly come out, as soon as he saw him come out, he immediately shouted. Don't let him get away! "*** me!"! I can run? Come on! I'm just gonna stand here and not move! If you are not convinced, just face me! Promise not to fight back! Ling Mu shouted loudly, and the whole audience was silent. Where did he get the courage? The dozens of players present were all frightened and stunned. Move out of my way! I, Zhao Ritian, was the first to refuse! A warrior player shouts and pushes in from behind. Lingmu is happy, looking at the player with a mallet on his head, "Don't mention it, just go to me!" With a mallet in his crotch, he picked up his broadsword and split it at Lingmu. Suddenly, with a "swish", two Golden Armor City Guards appeared in the white light and grabbed a mallet under their crotch. Bold rioters! Dare to make trouble in the stormy city! Come back to jail with me for a day! The white light flashed again, and the two city guards disappeared with a mallet in their crotch, leaving a group of players in a mess in the wind. Come on! You're welcome! Keep ***ing me! Promise not to fight back! Ling Mu is still showing off. Grass mud horse! How dirty! A group of players swore and scattered. Why are they still around? You don't have to practice to do the task! Still want to hang him? You try it, free day trip to prison! Watching the crowd disperse, Lingmu snorted proudly and turned back to the warehouse. Inside the private room, several women were stunned, and then stepped back at the same time to keep a distance from Lingmu, as if something could be contagious. …… Give me the money! Lingmu is speechless. Here you are, but you have to bring the woman and let us meet her sometime! Dance City opened the deal. OK Lingmu answered casually that his verbal promises were always the same as farting, and that he did not know who the woman they were talking about was, so he would get the money first. Three hundred and twenty gold coins in hand, Lingmu heart under the big set, Pietra Gray Marble ,Granite Slab Supplier, do not play a call to leave directly, standing outside the warehouse is taking out the city of honor transmission but found that it has failed, this just remembered that there is no city of honor, so summon the undead black wing leader, ride to Lingfeng city. Then a few women came out of the warehouse, just saw Lingmu sitting on the undead giant bird to leave, immediately different expressions, dance Qingcheng bitterly clenched his teeth, dance winter snow is two stars, dance spring breeze a face of envy, dance autumn leaves is a dark look, dance red moon and dance summer rain looked at each other, sighed helplessly. Sitting on the back of the leader of the skeleton black wing, passing over the dark forest, Lingmu thought about it and suddenly rushed to the dark camp, which was the vanguard camp of the dark legion, and he could not say that he had thighs to hold. At some distance from the dark camp, Lingmu landed and walked all the way. Ah! My Lord, you are here! As soon as he reached the entrance of the camp, Geppers came up to meet him. It seemed that he had been waiting for a long time. What's the matter? Ling Mu said doubtfully. "My Lord, did you lead your troops to capture a nearby Terran city?" Gepas asked a question that made Lingmu even more puzzled. Yeah, did something happen? "Something big has happened!"! My Lord, let's go to the tent. We've been waiting for my Lord all day! Gepas said in a serious tone and hurriedly took Lingmu to the tent. Or a few of them, saw Lingmu came in, the Void Demon looked at him appreciatively, the Death Knight Tarthas was depressed, as if complaining that Lingmu did not take him to fight, as long as Avril's charming face was full of anger! "Do you know why our dark camp is hiding?" Seeing Ling Mu sitting down, Avril clapped the slate and said angrily in a charming voice. I know. I'm not ready. Ling Mu curled his lips, not because he could not beat them, but because he was not as strong as others. Then why are you brazenly attacking the main city of the Terran? Don't you know how much this will affect the dark army? You supported my forbearance before! Lavigne repeatedly shouted, and her white and charming pretty face was full of anger. Ling Mu was speechless. "It's already happened. What else can we do?" You! Hum! I don't care, the news has been spread to the above, what kind of response should be taken or wait for the above news! Avril got angry and then vented her airway. It shouldn't be that serious, right? Didn't you just hit a small human town? Talsas said blankly in a hollow voice. Nope! It's a big problem! Void Demon King is to see clearly, "This is likely to let the human race smell the rise of the dark legion, the United Light Coalition forces to completely eliminate the dark legion that has not yet formed, the dark army that has not yet opened the passage of the demon world must not be an opponent, ten thousand years of forbearance preparation will fall short of success.." Talsas opened his mouth wide,Slate Wall Panel, and Gepas sighed: "So now the most likely outcome is to give up the adults, or let the adults bear the consequences of their own.." Even, adults will be treated to remove traces. 。 forustone.com