Ji Yansheng specially invited the magic troupe

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Ji Yansheng specially invited the magic troupeJi Yansheng specially invited the magic troupe

Mei Xinyuan just stared at the chessboard. He sighed again and said, "No matter what, you should go back to Beijing today. If you don't find out that you're missing from Dingguogongfu, I'm afraid your father will punish you again." "Elder Martial Brother, why did you choose this path?" As a disciple of the national teacher, he was fascinated by the illusion and wanted to develop this skill which was not respected at all. Mei Xinyuan chuckled and said, "Although Shifu is a national teacher, he has always been unrestrained and secular, and has never restrained what our brothers have learned.". To choose is to choose, and why? 'Pa ', crisp sound sounded, Mei Xinyuan looked up in the past, see Pei Shize was out of a step out of the trick. But after two more glances, the regret in his eyes turned to astonishment. Wait for Pei Shize to take back the chess pieces, and after another step, the chess game actually has the potential to be suddenly enlightened. Go, "half an hour later, Pei Shize got up, outside suddenly remembered the sound of thunder and lightning, originally Pure Brightness the sky, suddenly covered by a dark.". Mei Xinyuan followed him to get up, but suddenly opened his mouth again: "Younger Martial Brother, Shifu has been teaching us that too much obsession is not necessarily a good thing." Pei Shize looked back at him, dark and deep eyes covered with a touch of indifference, "obsession?"? Elder Martial Brother, your words are too serious. I just hate being hoodwinked. Then he stepped out of the room and went outside. Only just arrived at the corridor, the downpour poured down, the field of vision was gray, the heavy rain made the sky blurred. When he reached the door, he saw a young man in a black collar coming from under the porch. When he saw him, he immediately saluted and said softly, "Master, the man surnamed Wen has been found.". His subordinates have brought him here. Do you want to interrogate him yourself? Mei Xinyuan stood inside the door and naturally heard the conversation between them. The young man in black is named Pei You. Although he is young,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, his eyes are full of a murderous look, like an unsheathed sword, which is not to be underestimated. Naturally, I went to meet him in person. After all, he was the only one alive in those years. "Pei Shize spoke softly.". Then he lifted his feet out of the house and walked along the veranda to the inner courtyard. Mei Xinyuan looked at his figure through the open window, only to see that his footsteps were light and his posture was calm and smooth. Ordinary people would only think that he was a gentle and elegant gentleman. But Mei Xinyuan sighed in the bottom of his heart that his younger martial brother's skill had improved again. Their master, the national teacher of the Dynasty, once said that he was tough and firm, and it would be better if he could be introverted and self-restrained. But if infected with the gas of killing, I'm afraid it will be out of control. At that time, Shifu should not have accepted him, but he realized that he was a rare uncut jade in the world, and he was afraid that he would be carved at will, which would lead to disaster. But the death of his mother, the wife of the Duke of Dingguo, was like a needle in his heart. Mei Xinyuan watched this become his obsession, but could not persuade him, juice filling machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, and could not help feeling sorry for his teacher who had passed away. Pei Shize went to the door, not knowing whether it was because of the rain or because the room was dark, and the closed door was like a black hole, with an indescribable gloom. When he was young, he always wondered why his mother was a taboo in the family and no one was allowed to mention it. Even if he just mentioned it, he would be locked in the room and not allowed to go out. Why is he the only legitimate son of his father, but he doesn't like him. But these questions, they did not allow him to ask, and never told him. So now, let him find out all the answers by himself. Chapter 19 dumbfounding. When Ji Qingchen was still living in the south of the Yangtze River, April was the misty and rainy season, but he did not expect that now living in the north, even the way of rain was very different. The rain stopped outside for seven or eight days, and even my grandmother's face was worried these two days. Ji asked her early in the morning, but unexpectedly she was worried about Spring Equinox newly planted seedlings, fearing that if the rain went on like this, it would lead to disaster. But the grandmother's worry is not unreasonable, these days even Ji Yansheng came home more and more late. It's so dark outside. Won't Dad come back? Ji Qingchen glanced out of the window worriedly. The old lady looked at her soft little face, full of worry, and immediately smiled. Ji Yansheng specially invited the magic troupe, and after the old lady knew about it, the blame in her heart for her son finally dissipated, and she finally looked like a father. In addition, the marriage with the Tseng family also went very smoothly. It's just that the old lady has been thinking about who will be sent to see her for several days, but she hasn't decided yet. When Ji Chenchen was talking about Ji Yansheng, the old lady couldn't help asking, "yuan yuan, if Dad marries a new wife, would you like to?" It was not a secret in the Ji family that Ji Yansheng wanted to continue the string, but the old lady had never told Ji Qingchen, and Ji Baojing had told his sister before. At this time, Ji Qingchen was stupefied and then said sweetly, "Of course I will. When the new wife comes in, I can take care of Dad.". And Ji Qingchen deliberately paused, "If Aunt Wei has any discomfort in the future, she won't have to bother Dad every time." The old lady was dumb, but she laughed helplessly and reached out her little head. "You are a ghost." "Grandmother, when can I have a new wife?" Ji Qingchen is not a person who must report any flaws, but before Ji Baofu deliberately accused her in front of Ji Yansheng, she kept this account firmly in mind. When the old lady listened to her words, she knew that she was thinking of a small abacus, but she didn't blame her at all. Instead, she said with a smile, "Soon, since yuan yuan wants to hurry up, will the grandmother let them all hurry up?" Ji Qingchen nodded happily, tripping up Aunt Wei and Ji Baofu, but she was very happy. But she didn't expect that the old lady was really a man of action, and as soon as she said she would look at her, she sent someone to invite the Tseng family. It happened that my aunt's birthday in the capital was coming, and this time it was her fortieth birthday, so several tables would be set up. Miss Tseng was a cousin in her cousin's clan, so she was invited to the capital this time. The old lady, on the other hand,liquid bottle filling machine, called Han over and said, "I've been thinking about it, but I can only entrust you with the matter of looking at each other.". It's just that the eldest brother hasn't come back in the past two months. You can go to the capital for a few days to take care of him. 。 gzxilinear.com