The worlds sutras

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The worlds sutrasThe worlds sutrasThe worlds sutrasThe worlds sutrasThe worlds sutrasThe worlds sutrasThe worlds sutras

[Guys, let's go! Recommend tickets, members click-let us coquettish up, come back to the country matchless!!!] The first volume of the national scholar matchless chapter 49 Confucian Huawei The animal charcoal in the study was still steaming, and the snowflakes that came in with the wind had evaporated before they fell to the ground. Under the moonlight, Pei Donglai was rolling on the ground with pain on his face and twitching all over. Just now, when he escaped from the "Song of Righteousness", a sharp awn broke into the body. Powerful momentum, it will be blasted out of the "Song of Righteousness"! Unprepared Pei Donglai was struck by lightning. His clothes were covered with blood, and the floor was already red. Looking through the moonlight, it is very bleak! Pei Donglai sweat stains again and again, mixed with blood kept flowing. The pain is indescribable. Like bones and blood vessels in his body, the pain of breaking is torturing him constantly. If even this pain is unbearable, how can I get justice for my mother! Why should I submit to those who look at me coldly and do their best? The heart sends out a burst of unwilling, Pei Donglai struggles hard. Pow! Enduring the pain, he forced himself to climb to the chair and immediately climbed up with one hand. Whew! Whew! After taking a few deep breaths, Pei Donglai was soaked and exhausted. He braced himself into a chair. The moment I closed my eyes, my mind suddenly fell silent. Just that fierce awn, unexpectedly hurt the divine consciousness. What on earth is raging inside me like a lightning strike? Divinity immediately sank into the sea of thoughts, and Pei Donglai quickly looked inward at the orifices of the whole body. As soon as you enter the sea of knowledge,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, all feelings of pain are eliminated. The body is still, unexpectedly no change. Many orifices and acupoints of the human body should be heaven and earth, but they are small heaven and earth. What The foetal yuan congealed in the mud palace pill has disappeared without a trace. The moonlight was bright, and Pei Donglai's dark eyes finally opened again. The bright moonlight is accompanied by the faint starlight, which is particularly vast. Snow melts as soon as it enters the eye. After sitting quietly, Pei Donglai once again steadied his mind and went straight to the Dantian. "This-" Dantian Zhongben absorbed dozens of seal characters in Zhengqi Song and condensed them. But once again into the eye, unexpectedly wield and sprinkle,gear reduction motor, as if Zhou Tianxingdou gathered in general. Better than before! And this sitting in the town of mud palace Maru fetal yuan, this will be like a boy. The face has been very clear and peaceful. Sit cross-legged, eyes closed. Silver Mang, the seal character, all lingers and swims with it as the center. It's it! It was this sword that split me out of the Song of Righteousness just now! Eyes skipped, Pei Donglai stunned. The first magnificent, powerful and strong sword is hanging above the fetal yuan at the moment! —————————————————————— "Now that it has entered my body from the Song of Righteousness, is it refined or-" Looking intently at the meaning of the sword, Pei Donglai looked quite distressed. This sword means to knock himself unconscious directly, and this time he is tortured by [Qishu Net]! "Lian!" The six forms of Xuangang are not Confucian skills, and it is difficult to understand them when they are used. But the meaning of this sword comes from the Song of Righteousness, and it is contained in Haoran Righteousness Hanoi. The sword is the general of a hundred soldiers, the sword has the virtue of a gentleman, and the sword is a gentleman. The sword is sharp and the pen is straight and straight for the sake of integrity. The sword is usually in the scabbard without hurting people, Small Dc Gear Motor ,micro gear motor, which is for benevolence and righteousness. The sword is a personal weapon to protect the master, which is loyal and brave. Therefore, the person who wears the sword should be upright, benevolent, loyal and brave. As the saying goes, when a gentleman wears a sword, he shows his elegance. Confucian scholars have loved to wear swords since ancient times, but more people attach importance to them. Most of them are decorative, and few people can understand the way of fighting. Understand the meaning of the sword! Just when Pei Donglai made up his mind, the divine consciousness rushed to the sword. The meaning of the sword is like a living creature, unexpectedly hitting head-on. Pei Donglai did not panic, and quickly opened his mind to bring the sword into it. "How is that possible?"? My divine consciousness is so rich that I have entered the mind of the sword! Just when Pei Dong came to doubt, a natural and unrestrained clear sound suddenly rang in the ear: "The grasp is uncertain, it is appropriate to disappear from the hubbub, so that this heart can not see the desire but not disorderly, in order to understand my quiet body.". The management is firm, and should be mixed with the wind and dust, so that this heart can see the desire but also not disorderly, in order to raise my round machine. A cup of tea on the table, a scroll of scriptures in the hand, a burner of incense in front of the couch, and a harp under the window. Between the wind and clouds change, Pei Donglai immediately feel carefully. This sound is like a fairy sound, is it pointing at yourself? When the will is not firm and uncertain, we should stay away from the material desire environment, so as not to see the temptation of material desire and not to confuse people, so as to understand the pure nature. When the will is firm and self-controlled, we should have more contact with various environments, even if we see material temptations, we will not confuse our minds, so as to cultivate our mature and simple spirituality. There was a burst of enlightenment in his heart, and the surprise in Pei Donglai's eyes disappeared. Instead, it is extremely firm! "Since ancient times, Confucian scholars have all been frivolous. How can there be the theory of Taixue Dingshi?" Accompanied by a burst of conceited laughter, a purple shadow flashed by. The purple shadow filled the air, and Pei Donglai could not see his face in every way. But the dress is gorgeous, and it is inlaid with jewelry and jade. Shuanglong hair bun, shining! Recalling what he had just said, Pei Donglai's pupils shrank violently. Disciple of Taixue? But he seemed to be quite dissatisfied with Taixue. The tone is arrogant! Than himself and Li Mu, but also insolent. Strange! Why this person, unexpectedly can have the sword meaning to remain in "the righteous song"? Pei Donglai was puzzled and seemed to have countless ties in his mind! This "Song of Righteousness" comes with me. How can there be more swords in it. Could it be that the other one was also left by this person? And this person, unexpectedly with Taixue seems to have all kinds of connections! A sound of the sword immediately interrupted Pei Donglai's thoughts. Purple shadow sword in hand, as if holding heaven and earth. Just a sword, like the creation of the world! Just a sword,12v High Torque Motor, but seems to be split in the memory of Pei Donglai, fixed frame! The sword seems to have gone thousands of miles, but the shadow of the sword still remains in the naked eye. Meaning!.