Cosmic Evolver System _ 20200215155742

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Cosmic Evolver System _ 20200215155742Cosmic Evolver System _ 20200215155742Cosmic Evolver System _ 20200215155742

Only after a moment, the faster flying beetle was the first to gallop to one kilometer in front of the white clouds. It was a dark cloud like a mountain rain coming. It was estimated that there might be millions of people who could not breathe. Of course, it was terrible! Bai Yun is still an old God. He has just spent 5000 points from the system and bought five pills of instant Zhenyuan elixir. He was ready to start a big killing, which made his blood boil. I haven't had a happy killing for a long time. Today I will take you to feed the God of killing in my heart! "Zizi!" White cloud eyes flash thunder and lightning patterns, all over the thunder and lightning, with a dazzling flash of brilliance, a body as high as three or four hundred meters, covered by golden lightning giant figure appeared on the earth, like Optimus Prime, a pair of huge eyes, golden light shining, there is a killing intention to emerge. Such a humanized emotional fluctuation is due to the fact that the white clouds at this time are in harmony with the spirit and form of Thor's central head. Poof! Poof! At this time, the flying beetles are only a few hundred meters away from the white clouds. They look similar to insects such as cockroaches and ladybugs. They are ferocious and horrible, and they are even larger and more frightening. They have a clear division of labor, and there are close combat and distant combat. The distant attacking beetles flew in the air one layer higher, attacking the white clouds one after another, each with its venom and stings mixed with energy, and the momentum was overwhelming and terrifying. Rumble With a flash of golden light in his eyes, the thunder and lightning flashed his golden hands and smashed the solid void on the earth with a loud rumbling noise. With one blow, most of the attack flew away, and then hundreds of flying beetles were annihilated. By this time, some close-flying beetles had flown to Thor's side, but their strength was too low to break Thor's defense,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, but they were electrocuted by lightning. But these are just the front troops, the cannon fodder of the cannon fodder, followed by those beetles, there are more than a dozen six-star, five-star is hundreds of thousands, is the absolute elite Zerg. Some of the bodies and attacks were like a tank, crouching in the distance and firing fist-sized red shells at the white clouds. The temperature was so high that even the air was burned. Boom! Boom! Boom! Thor did not retreat into the exaggerated giant foot repeatedly trampled, cracked the earth, and the big hand is constantly waving into the air like a mosquito,Gear Reduction Motor, the momentum is earth-shaking. Even if some attacks can break his defense, it will only stir up a wave of lightning, because Thor is made up of energy, he can control its entity or virtual dodge at will, just not too much energy consumption. Roar! By this time, the follow-up beetle troops had arrived more than half, surrounded the thunder God in all directions, but he was not afraid of a ferocious face, suddenly opened his mouth and roared out a terrible sound wave, only to see the thunder God as the center of the field, a shock wave like a wave distorted the void, and spread in all directions, blowing away the flying beetles in midair. The beetles on the ground were even worse, with countless waste and rubble, and pieces of land were thrown away. The effective supply range of this sound wave is estimated to be 1000 meters. This roar alone annihilates tens of thousands of beetles. In the family secret skills of Nalan Nudi, there are sound skills. Baiyun once asked curiously, small geared motors ,24v Gear Motor, and the other party naturally told him completely. In addition, the nameless mountain also collected countless secret skills and magical powers. Among them, there are also sound skills and skills that Baiyun just watched and studied at random and did not delve into, nor did he use them. Just now, he suddenly remembered them, and the effect of using them was fairly good. After a while, at least two or three hundred thousand beetles died in the hands of white clouds, but there were still nearly a million insects, and he had already chewed up an elixir, but it could be restored to a full state. Counting the original 45% energy, this elixir has only recovered about half of it, because the energy of the white clouds at the moment is much stronger than in the past. Looks like to match some, slow recovery elixir, now! Otherwise, five is definitely not enough! The white cloud side relaxed freehand brushwork is killing, at the same time is distressed in the elixir money. Fortunately, the price of the slow elixir is much cheaper than the "instant return". At that moment, two giant beetles with black and shiny bodies, eight sickle-like hands and feet that could easily tear diamonds and three horned spines on their heads, came behind Baiyun, ready to attack. Tut! Two six-star bugs, playing sneak attack! Such a killing, let the white cloud heart comfortable boundless, was a playful exclamation. Has been killing all the way before, which makes Baiyun feel nothing, but now there is no battle of life and death for a long time, to let him miss the feeling of boiling blood, "unconsciously, he became a little warlike!"! Boom, boom! Just as the two six-star beetles launched a surprise attack, Thor's huge body suddenly jumped up, then looked at the position, and severely suppressed it. With a loud noise, the surrounding earth was cracked and bulged by this force, and the two beetles were trampled by the golden giant feet, but did not die directly, all because of the hard shell, but at this time is also cracked numerous wounds, are struggling desperately. Zizi! As Thor's giant feet crushed, a flash of thunder rushed into the beetle's body from the soles of his feet, burning the white tender flesh directly to ashes, and he could not die in an instant. At this time, almost all the beetle troops arrived, and the sky and the ground were so dense that people's scalps tingled. Of course! If Thor had a scalp Thunder fruit, ten thousand dragons! I saw a few hundred meters high Thor feeding horn pull up a sneer, a step in the air to step a few steps, then hanging in the air of thousands of meters, all over the thunder twinkling, there are two brontosaurs in the whole body entangled in an instant, within a radius of tens of thousands of meters, was suddenly covered by dark clouds, there are countless brontosaurs of different sizes in the swim Ge,Low Rpm Electric Motor, the sound of dragon singing resounded through nine days. Boom, boom, boom.