Skill Supreme of the Other World

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Skill Supreme of the Other WorldSkill Supreme of the Other WorldSkill Supreme of the Other World

"Prepare to integrate the army for a while, mainly infantry and cavalry, and watch the others. If the orcs escape, they will be taken care of by me. No one can escape." At the end of the solid most like to rob, and there is a little technical content can not let people go to tip off ah. A total of 2045 troops were integrated, and with a wave of their hands, more than 2000 people were divided into several troops and ran towards the small slope ahead. Orcish steppes are almost all plains, and occasionally a small hill is only ten or twenty meters high, which is the favorite place for nomads. But the orcs don't protect their animals, so they don't like to eat the animals that freeze to death when they are weak in winter. It may be inherited from the wild animals. It is said that other animals except scavengers do not like to eat dead bodies. Orcs have evolved into a separate species, but their animal habits are still there, so they don't like to eat dead animals, they bury them and then kill the living animals every time they want to eat them. At the end of the world,Planetary Gear Motor, it seems that it is foolish enough to bubble. On the earth, all the dead pigs were taken to the slaughterhouse and killed, and then thrown into the market. Who knows this is a dead pig? However, in the town of Flash Gold, most dead animals are directly cremated,brushless gear motor, and Moshi doesn't like to eat dead animals. Run to the top of the hill and look at the grain team below. When the sun came out, I climbed the hill. I wanted to sing to the orc. He shivered when he heard my song. Sueshi sang his own adaptation of the orc Hu huā sedan chair and looked down at the grain transport team. Orcs are not as stupid as humans, and it can be said that they can not organize a food transport team like humans. The food of these orcs is transported from one tribe to another. After they were transported out, they were organized by local soldiers to transport them to the front line. Almost all the grain transport teams on the Orcish Steppe are like this, usually some low-yielding wheat plus some livestock. The grain transport team in front of Sueshi is a very ordinary and serious orc grain transport team. A small army of fifty men, plus a hundred or so cattle and a truckload of wheat. It's a tiger man. Carlos also climbed to the side of Sueshi and said. There are only so many people. At the end of the day, I thought there were a thousand or eight hundred people, and such a few people were not enough for me to fill my teeth. Dermot jijiāo gave it to you, and if you leave alone, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,Micro Gear Motor, I will take the skin off your body! Sueshi waved his hand to Delmott and said. As the commander of the warrior regiment, Delmott is naturally a war maniac. He talks to the end of the world all day long about when to fight! When to fight. At the end of listening, my ears were on fire. This time, when it comes to fighting, Ji jiāo will give it to him. To make the end of the elder brother, you wait for the return of victory! As soon as Delmott heard Sueshi's words, he couldn't help laughing and ran down the hillside with a hundred soldiers. The orcs at the bottom of the hill were startled to see Delmott running up, and although they were grain carriers, they were, after all, tiger people, and tiger people were famous for eating blood. There were not many people who looked at Delmott. The tiger people left ten people to watch the carriage and the cattle. The remaining forty people dared to play the counter-charge, but they were only half of the charge and were disabled by Delmott. With such good jjīng equipment and almost perverted training, if these tiger people who only wear cloth clothes can't win completely, they will really withdraw Delmott. I am also an aristocrat Chapter 168: Gold Intermediate Updated: July 19, 2010 11:44:21 Words in this chapter: 6506 "Kill me!"! No one left! With a loud shout, Delmott cut a tiger man in front of him in half with a sword. ~ ~ wWW. NUoShu. Com ( Free Novels) ~ ~ This broadsword was made by the method of folding and folding as Sueshi said. Although Sueshi didn't know what the dwarves had put in it or how to do it, he just told the dwarves the method of forging iron in the YY novels he had read before. The dwarves studied it for a month and made such a weapon for themselves. Now you can see that it is really a pervert. Delmott had no idea that the weapon in his hand was so sharp, and the other members of the warrior group were all stunned. But then they all got excited. With such a magic weapon, they are even more comfortable to kill orcs. People used to say that a one-sided battle is called a tiger into a sheep. Now the tiger people have become sheep, and the humans who should have been sheep have become tigers. At the end of the one-sided slaughter, the ten tiger men felt something was wrong and wanted to run, but they were stopped by Delmott. Several soldiers rushed up and cut down the tiger men. The end of the solid then walked down the hillside to see so little poor supplies, shook his head and sighed. He put the wheat in his computer and ordered them to kill the animals and put the bodies in the computer. Sueshi, you see, this is a good deal. Anyway, we can't help at the front. We might as well work as a bandit in the territory of the orcs. Paulian thought for a moment and said to Sueshi. Sueshi also thought about it, and it was true that his two thousand men could not turn over any big llàng on the battlefield of more than seven million people on the front line, so he might as well do something to rob the grain team on the orc grassland. Yeah, that's one way to do it. I also like to rob people's things. Sueshi muttered in a low voice. Search these orc corpses for a map of the nearby orc steppe tribes. At the end of the thought that the role of robbing himself here would be greater, and the lives of himself and his brothers would be safer. If you go to the front line is at most more than two thousand guarding city soldiers also point by others control. Now if you rob here,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, it will be much better. You don't have to be controlled by others, and there are a lot of things to rob and kill. There are more orcs than in the front line. When the orcs send troops to encircle and suppress, they can also verify the combat effectiveness of their troops.