Supersystem _ 20200215155758.

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Supersystem _ 20200215155758.Supersystem _ 20200215155758.Supersystem _ 20200215155758.Supersystem _ 20200215155758.

First of all, the launcher, because the pirates have to carry it with them, so at least from the appearance, others can not see what it is, otherwise it is easy to be destroyed or taken away, or attract the attention of others. Han Feng transformed the shape of the launcher into an oval rubber pendant. The launcher was wrapped in a leather case with a button on the front. There was an elastic device in the middle of the pendant, which could control the pulling of the rope. Han Feng hung this thing on the dog's neck circle around the pirate's neck. If the pirate wanted to convey any information, he could pull the pendant down. The information is then sent by pressing a button. On the inside of the collar, there is also a miniature receiver, which can emit a very small sound, which is at the edge of the human hearing range, almost inaudible, only pirates can hear clearly, and, for reasons of confidentiality, it is also a direct use of Morse code for communication, anyway, pirates can easily understand. The main thing in Han Feng's hands is the PDA, all his communications. This can be done through the PDA host. The operating system in the PDA is specially programmed to process the signals sent by the signal transmitter and convert the data into Morse code radio. Send instructions to the receiver. Originally, the PDA uses Bluetooth to communicate with the receiver and transmitter,inflatable floating water park, but the distance range is a little small. If you want to increase the range, you have to assume the antenna, which is too troublesome. Han Feng then bought a miniature mobile phone of the latest style, and asked professionals to successfully transplant the key sending part of the mobile phone signal to the small transmitter. The main reason for the successful transplantation is that the signal that needs to be sent is very simple, except for an authentication signal with a communication antenna. Just the two signals that Morse code requires. Of course, in practice, binary encoding can also be used. However, binary code is far less efficient than Morse code in terms of manual input. Han Feng just made a request,inflatable castle with slide, and then let the other side to do, as for some key intermediate steps, the other side does not know. The man in charge of the transplant is also very strange. After all, in his opinion, such transplantation is actually meaningless. Because even if he has a signal to send, if mobile does not support it, then this thing is no different from a waste product. He did not know that Han Feng had the ability to open up a special channel directly from telecommunications and mobile signals that was not discovered by their staff, so that this little thing could work. Because of the communicator problem, Han Feng finally delayed his return to Beijing for two days. Just back in Beijing, Lin Zongsheng of the Virtual Simulation Research Institute of the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense came to the door again, this time. He came alone, representing their research Institute to talk about cooperation with Han Feng. Han Feng met him in the conference room. Han Feng, last time Wang Qiang, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable 5k obstacle, I did not know in advance, his words and deeds, can not represent our Institute. If that matter has caused any trouble to your company, on behalf of our company, I sincerely apologize to your company! This time, this kind of thing will never happen again. This time he brought very favorable conditions, some similar to the project commission, they hope that the six degrees network can "assist" their laboratory to develop some projects, at the beginning, mainly to help them solve some of their ongoing project problems, if the cooperation goes smoothly, it will be possible to entrust some important orders to six degrees in the future. There are also some ancillary conditions, such as confidentiality, and their technicians can study here and so on. Military orders, the price is very attractive, and the number is huge, plus Han Feng has this idea, so the conversation between them is very pleasant. As your company is now an international company, I hope you can pay attention to the confidentiality of information. Han Feng's background, he is very clear, absolutely innocent, this is beyond doubt, but the employees of Six Degrees Company are not necessarily, so it is necessary to put forward, "The developers responsible for the development of key modules of the project must meet our conditions and sign a confidentiality contract.". ” ———— Han Feng nodded: "I understand this, the qualifications of developers, you have to be responsible for the audit, after all, I do not know who in the end meet the requirements.". In addition, we can also break down the development module into several small modules, and then give the corresponding input and output specifications, and distribute them to each staff for development, which can fully achieve the purpose of confidentiality. Lin Zongsheng nodded clearly, a complex project is composed of numerous small modules, if only one or several of them are known, it has no impact on the project at all. Moreover, we will set up a special department to develop military projects. All projects in this department are strictly confidential to the outside world, and the technicians you send can also develop together in this department.. The talks went smoothly and they signed a cooperation contract and a confidentiality contract on the spot. After that, Lin Zongsheng said: "The first project of our cooperation is the flight simulation system of the fourth generation fighter made in China.". Now the fourth generation of domestic fighters have begun to equip the army one after another, but the flight simulation training equipment has not been successfully developed. The Air Force gave us this task two years ago, but two years later, there are still many key problems that have not been solved, resulting in the system has not been put into use, due to time constraints, this project must be completed as soon as possible, because it has become a bottleneck limiting the development of air force combat effectiveness.. While they were discussing the details of the project, Liang Jing brought him a surprising news-the phenomenon of large-scale disconnection suddenly appeared in the six-dimensional space! Han Feng was taken aback when he heard the news. This phenomenon had never happened before. He thought there was a major BUG,inflatable floating water park, so he could only end his conversation with Lin Zongsheng and rush to the technical department to check the reason. What's wrong Arriving at the technical department, Han Feng immediately asked Liang Jing, "have you found out the reason?" 。