The Complete Works of Shakespeare V

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The Complete Works of Shakespeare VThe Complete Works of Shakespeare VThe Complete Works of Shakespeare V

King Richard we are so infatuated with nostalgia it is playing with pain Farewell let sorrow take the place of us to tell all the endless words (Each) The second scene is the same as before A room in the house of the Duke of York York and his wife Duchess of York husband you were going to tell me about our two nephews' arrival in London but you wept in the middle of it and did not go on York where am I The Duchess of York you have just spoken of the rough and insolent hands that threw mud and filth from the window on King Richard's head; and here sorrow stops you York I have already said that at that time the Duke the great Bolingbroke rode on a fierce steed who seemed to know his ambitious knight and moved slowly and solemnly and all the people shouted in unison "God bless you Bolingbroke!" You felt that the windows were all speaking; that the greedy eyes of so many young and old people were casting their warm glances on his face from the windows; that all the walls seemed to be saying in unison "Jesus Computer Hardware Software bless you!"! Welcome Bolingbroke! He took off his hat and bow to the people on either side now to this side now to that side his head drooping lower than the neck of his proud horse and he said to them "Thank you my countrymen" and so he passed by in greeting The Duchess of York Oh poor Richard! Where is he on his horse at this time York was just as in a theatre when a red actor leaves the stage the audience looks at the later actor with cold eyes and finds his rap very annoying; so the eyes of the people glare at Richard with greater contempt No one shouted "God bless him"; not a happy voice welcomed him back; Only the earth was thrown upon his sacred head and he waved it away so gently and mournfully and his eyes were full of tears and his mouth was full of a smile which expressed his sorrow and patience If God had not made the hearts of men so cold for some special purpose no one could have seen him without being deeply moved and the most barbarous man would have sympathized with him But these things are in the hands of Heaven and we must bow our heads to its high will We are now sworn vassals to Bolingbroke whose dignity and honor I shall forever defend Duchess of York my son Omer is here York He used to be Omer but because he was Richard's henchman he has lost his old title; and now you must call him Rutland my lady I vouched for his loyalty to the new king in the Senate On Omer Duchess of York Welcome my son A new spring has come Who are the flowers in season Mother Omer I don't know and I don't care; God knows I'm ashamed to be in their company York Well in this new spring you must pay extra attention to your actions lest you be cut off the branches and leaves before they blossom and bear fruit What's the news from Oxford Do they still hold all kinds of tournaments and competitions there Aumer As far as I know father these things are still going on York I know where you're going Omer I am prepared to go if God permit me China Manufacturers York what letter is that on your chest Oh has your face changed Let me see what it says Father Omer it's nothing York Well then let's have a look I must know what it says; show me what it says Omer begged his excellency's indulgence; it was a trifling matter and for various reasons I did not wish to be seen York for all sorts of reasons boy I must see I'm afraid I'm afraid What are you afraid of Duchess of York It seemed that it was only because he wanted to wear some gorgeous clothes on the day of the tournament and owe some money to others York hum IOU! If he borrows money from others will he take the IOU himself Wife you are a fool Let me see what it says child Omer I beg your pardon but I can't show you York I must see Here give it to me (Read the book of seizing the alliance) It's the opposite! It's the opposite! Bastard! Traitor! Minions! Duchess of York Yes my Lord York hello! Is there anyone in there On a servant York saddled my horse Merciful God! What Chemicals kind of rebellious plot is this! The Duchess of York Alas what is it my Lord! York Hey give me my boots; Saddle my horse Well on my honor my life and my conscience I will denounce this traitor (Under the servant) What's the matter with the Duchess of York York shut up silly woman Duchess of York I won't shut up What is it Omer Omer my dear mother you may rest easy; there is nothing to worry about but my life is what it is The Duchess of York is fighting for your life! York bring me my boots; I want to see the king The servant reloaded with his boots The Duchess of York beat him Omer Poor boy you're completely petrified (To servant) Get out of here dog! Never come near me again (Under the servant) York Hey give me my boots The Duchess of York Oh York what do you want Will you not cover up your own son for any of his faults Do we have any other sons or will we have a boy and a girl Hasn't my fertile period passed long ago I am old now and I have only one good son but you want to separate us so that I can not even save the title of a happy mother Doesn't he look like you Isn't he your own flesh and blood