The Federal Reserve's Role and How It Violates Biblical Principles

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The Bible also questions the number of U.S. economic policies governing the country. Three legal criteria are monetary debasement, double indebtedness, and measurements and weights.

The Federal Reserve is a central bank in the United States. It was created by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and oversaw the country's banking system, managed the U.S. money supply, and set interest rates. The Fed does this by buying and selling government securities, also known as Treasury bonds.

The Fed is a secular institution that has no ties to any religion. However, it violates biblical principles because it takes from some people to give to others through monetary policy decisions. Especially giving Christian money to commit murder by aborting unborn Children who’s souls that God has sent to this earth to be tested!

One of the policies Christians have extensively criticized in America is the recent Obamacare Act. There was also a lot of question about how the government managed its economic policies and responsibilities during the economic crisis. Based on biblical precepts, Christians have expressed a variety of criticisms of how most government economic institutions carry out their duties. One of the BIGGET PROBLEMS is… our elected officials have delegated to much unauthorized power to payed employees like the FBI.  As well what the roll our of the Federal Reserve be legally, in creating the further money supply for WE THE PEOPLE!  Are WE going to stand ideally by, and allow the very people who got us into this mess to re-load and do this all over again? This article helps to analyze the role of the Federal Reserve and how it oversteps biblical principles.


Federal Reserve Role Performance and the Bible

The Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States and the most powerful financial organization in the world. The United States Congress established it in 1913 to provide the country with a stable, flexible, and secure financial and monetary system. But this was done behind close doors without consulting WE THE PEOPLE! The Federal Reserve is based on a federal structure that includes a central government institution in Washington, D.C., as well as twelve Federal Reserve regional banks that are accountable for a certain geographic area in the United States. This bank is considered independent since its actions must be authorized by no government authority, including the president. Nonetheless, the bank is still subject to congressional inspection and must so function within the financial and economical government framework policy objectives. However, when was the last time anyone took inventory of the Gold in Fort Box, or when was the last time this government operated on a budget?

Based on the defined rules Fed has an obligation to ensure the stability of our country’s economy. The Fed was in a position to prevent the country's recent financial crisis. However, the bank watched as banks depleted their reserves by making loans to people who couldn't afford them and raising interest rates without doing anything to stop it. This happened despite the bank official having great knowledge of the problems this would bring to the economy of the entire country. Being irresponsible and not standing up to one's duty is highly against biblical teachings.

The Bible also questions the number of U.S. economic policies governing the country. Three legal criteria are monetary debasement, double indebtedness, and measurements and weights. No one should tamper with weights and measurements, according to the Bible. The book of Leviticus 19:36 addresses this. Multiple indebtedness is likewise deemed improper, as stated in Exodus 22:26. However, Fed works based on partial reserve banking and thus violates this principle. In addition, the debasement of money is considered wrong, as addressed in the book of Isaiah 1:22. The current economic policies violate all the above three principles.

The government's inability to observe biblical teaching in its policies is highly attributed to current economic problems. Thus, the government should consider following biblical moral guidelines to rectify this for the country's benefit.

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