SEL & Skill Building for Middle Schoolers

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At Palo, we serve as the eyes and ears for the school. Our comprehensive program not only covers skill-building and SEL, we also provide a detailed insight into your school's climate, trends and student behavior.

A little progress everyday leads to measurable, demonstrable resultsAt Palo, we believe that a little progress everyday can add up to big results. Our skill-building curriculum takes students on a 36-week long learning journey, where they get to recognize their strengths and hone their SEL and study skills. The result? They excel academically, learn to nurture healthy relationships with friends and family, and spark a zest for life! We are here to help students make well-informed decisions that help them thrive in their life, academics and interpersonal relationships and create a positive impact in their community, and in turn, the world.

Our Curriculum Experts have designed Palo using research on child psychology, social emotional learning and mindfulness, in alignment with ASCA student standards and CASEL-driven SEL framework. This means more impactful progress, more student engagement, and improved school outcomes.

Palo started with a single vision : a world in which every school is educating the whole child. Our mission is to help schools foster whole child excellence in every student.

We believe that every student already has the ingredients needed to succeed and thrive. All we do is spark it up! We meet students where they are – instilling in them the confidence, resilience and grit to navigate the challenges of school, all while having a fierce zest for life.